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Date: 1st June 2016
Industrial CPVC Caps DIN
Name: Industrial CPVC Caps DINMaterial: CPVCStandard: DIN?Size: 20mm~200mmIndustrial CPVC Caps DIN Specification :Nom. SizeD1D2L1L2(mm)2020.325.31629.62525.330.718.531.763232.3539.1522384040.448.82644.15050.4561.053153.86363.5576.9537.569.77575.68843.596.79090.65105.455199.7110110.8126.2661117160161.1182.186164.5200201.1225.9106224.7Industrial CPVC Caps DIN Application :?In industrial application,Website:, most of the pipe systems require corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, flame retardant performance, and suitability in different weather, and easy to be installed. CPVC pipe is an appropriate choice of application in this variety of conditions. It's gradually accepted by the market, especially when the system need to conveying strong acid or alkali chemicals. Most of the industries are now using CPVC system such as metal and electronic processing, electroplating, copper/aluminum production, semiconductor process, paper making industry, iron and steel industry, rare earth industry, fertilizer industry, mining industry, textile industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electrical power industry, and all kinds of hot water supply and drainage system.?
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