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Date: 1st June 2016
Irrigation Drip Tape 16mm Loc X Barb Bypass
Irrigation Drip tape 16mm Loc x barb bypass Description:Used for watering row crops & vegetable farms or gardens.Connects 16mm drip tape to 1" (32mm) poly tubing (or larger),Website:, or to 16mm poly tubing directly.Use large hole punch ?to make hole in poly tubing (PE pipe).Drip Tape Loc fittings twist onto drip tape and are reusable.Irrigation Drip tape 16mm Loc x barb bypass Specifications:?Drip Tape Loc x Barb Bypass is used to connect lengths of 16 mm Drip Tape.Reusable ? Just unscrew.Connects 16 mm drip tape to 3/4" (25mm) drip poly tubing (or larger).?Quick & Easy Installation & Removal.Use hole punch (Product Code: 5456) to make hole in poly tubing (PE pipe) for barb.Fits 16 mm Drip Tape.High Quality Plastic with Maximum UV Protection.Recommended Operating Pressure: 1.0 bar.Maximum Operating Pressure: 1.5 bar.Minimum Operating Pressure: 0.5 bar.
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