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Date: 1st June 2016
Irrigation PP Drip Emitter DIN TU-3109
Irrigation PP Drip Emitter DIN TU-3109 General:Ideal for irrigation of: vineyards,Website:, greenhouse and pot plants.It is optimal for fields with sloped surface, for large run lengths or wherever it is necessary to have complete control over water consumption and uniformity of flow rate.Can be easily connected with spaghetti hose ?6 or with LDPE?12-?32 for various irrigation patterns.Ability to dismantle and remove the cap for easy inspection and cleaning.Irrigation PP Drip Emitter DIN TU-3109 Characteristics:Self compensating from 1.0 bar to 3.5 bar.Minimum filtration: 2 l/h 150 mesh (100 micron).? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4 l/h 8 l/h 120 mesh (125 micron).For installation use punch 3mm.Irrigation PP Drip Emitter DIN TU-3109 Specifications:?SpecificationsPackingl/hpcs/bagpcs/carton210030004100300081003000Placed directly onto PE pipe 12-32mm or at the end of pipe 6mm.
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