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Date: 1st June 2016
Municipal UPVC Faucet Elbows (copper Tooth) DIN
Name:Municipal UPVC Faucet elbows (copper tooth) DINMaterial: UPVC ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Standard:DINSize: 20*1/2"~32*3/4"Municipal UPVC Faucet elbows (copper tooth) DIN characteristics:1.Smooth inner surface providing efficient flowing rate.2.No rusty,Website:, guarantee no affection by erosion.3.Providing full set of pipe fittings which can be suited in different design and installation requirements.4.Easily handled and installed, not necessary for day to day maintenance.5.Can be connected by method of solvent welding or rubber ring, it?s easy, quick and cost saving.6.Tasteless, odorless, non-toxic.7.Good chemical resistance.8.Not eroded by fungi and bacteria.9.Termites and weather resistance.10.Comparatively lower construction cost as to traditional materials like iron pipe.?Municipal UPVC Faucet elbows (copper tooth) DIN specification?Nom. SizeD1D2D3L1L220?1/2?20.325.348.161658.0625?3/4?25.330.754.418.571.932?1?32.3539.1560.42283.125?1/2?25.330.748.518.54932?1/2?32.3539.1556.92255.532?3/4?32.3539.1559.12262.66Municipal UPVC Faucet elbows (copper tooth) DIN application?1.Water supply system for buildings of commercial and residential application.2.Can be suitable serving varieties of sector, Industrial, city potable water, treatment plant, agricultural irrigation, landscaping water supply system, s swimming pools, etc.
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